Giddion Farstrider

Fighter, also is the Trykion of Moradinsamman, Elder God of Battle


Combat Stats:

Stats Modifiers, etc
OCV: 6 +1 w/All Combat, +2 w/HTH, +2 vs Hit Loc. w/single Attack
DCV: 6 Defense Manuever: 1-4
SPD: 4 Mounted Combat: +2 vs Modifiers
Phases: 12, 3, 6, 9 Rapid Attack (HTH)
END: 40
STUN: 34 WF: Common Melee, Common Missile, Fails, Lances, Off Hand, Thrown Sword
REC: 8 Martial Maneuvers: Legsweep, Martial Block, Martial Disarm, Martial Dodge,
Martial Strike, Weapon Bind
Weapon Element: Axes, Maces, Hammers, Picks, Blades, Flails, Lances, Polearms
and Spears, Two-Handed Weapons
Str: 18
Dex: 18
Con: 20
Bod: 15

Specials: _ Missile Deflection_, Magic Deflection, Soul Fire


Race: Human

Height: 6’ 4" Weight: 276 lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown, worn short
Age: 22


Gideon Farstrider was the youngest son of a prosperous farm. He has three older brothers, Karnak, Grimwulf, and Tannis. He has two sisters, Bridget and Seraphine. His Father is named Roderik and his mother Morganza, As Giddeon was a very rambuctious child he was sent to page for a wealthy local family, The Barron Gervias. The good Barron turned out to be a petty man with small sights, and a very shrewish wife with machinations of Greater lordhood. They had one child named Odard. The Barron had little to do with the new boy in the castle and the wife treated him as a little more than another palace servant specifically working in the holdings woods as another huntsman. Once Gideon started to gain his full growth the Barron decided to make him the sparing partner for his son Odard. at first this required little more of Gideon than to be a moving training dummy. The Head arms-man for the castle saw great potential in Gideon and began to teach him in earnest. Gideon Trained hard and soon became proficient in all the weapons taught to him. He became so proficient that he was soon besting the Barron’s boy and most of the other guardsmen. On the morning after his 16th birthday Gideon was accused of “Dallying” with one of the local girls. She was in good standing from a wealthy family and looked to be with child. The Lady’s father was furious and brought charges against Gideon to the Barron. When Gideon was confronted with the accusation he told the truth, that it was not he who had been seeing the girl but Odard. The Barron’s wife was outraged and seeing clandestine marriages slipping away from her tried to convince Gideon to “do the right thing” and to take the woman as wife and the child as his own. during the conversation Gideon called out the barrons son and in a public place. Odard reluctantly agreed to the fight after being badgered by his mother. After a thorough thrashing Odard ended the fight by standing up to his mother and publicly declaring his affection for the merchants daughter and asking for her hand. Gideon was sent away do to the insult to the family honor.
Gideon felt that he could not return home as he was now in discrace. He set out to build a name for himself using the skills hard won from the armsmen of the castle Gervias. he went to the clossest city and joind the town guard. he quickly raised through the ranks as a skilled fighter with a sharp mind. after his 18th birthday he witnessed a minor noble commiting battery agains a female “companion” Loosing his temper Gideon thrashed the nobal and placed him under arrest. he found out soon after that the magistrate had let the noble go after a healthy bribe and to curry favor with the noble class. Gideon confronted him in his usual diplomatic way. Gideon was again sent away.
Once again wondering gideon found himself with limited options and few skills. he soon found himselfe working as a “common sell sword” for a group called “the Bloody Hand” after his 20th birthday his comander, who had been recently replaced. ordered the group to “raze the town and buther all the hinhabitants, to send a messege to those that will opose us”. Gideon and his friend and shield mate Shaddak objected to the order. they objected so strongly they where forced to object on the persons of the mercinary company. The survivors fled the terible objections of the two warriors. Gideon hides his true name waiting for the day he is famous enough to return home .


Battle worn face, with several small scars. Huge, muscualr frame with wide shoulders, thick muscluar arms, with strong wrists and callused hands. He is young, but old due to his expierenes in battle. Gidion wears armor almost everywhere and often forgets he is fully armored. Gidion is a no frills kind of man, even his weapons have almost no decoration.

Giddion Farstrider

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