Shaddak the Merciless

Figher, companion to Gidion and Trevanye


Combat Stats:

Stats Modifiers, etc
OCV: 6 +2 w/HTH, +2 vs Hit Loc. w/Sweep
DCV: 6 Defense Manuever: 1-4
SPD: 4 Mounted Combat: +2 vs Riding Modifiers
Phases: 12, 3, 6, 9 Rapid Attack (HTH)
END: 40 Fast Draw(Blades)
STUN: 34 WF: Common Melee, Common Missile, Fails, Lances, Off Hand
REC: 8 Martial Maneuvers: Legsweep, Martial Block, Martial Disarm, Martial Dodge,
Martial Strike, Weapon Bind
Weapon Elements: Axes, Maces, Hammers, Picks, Blades, Flails, Lances, Off Hand
Str: 17
Dex: 18
Con: 18
Bod: 16

Specials: Missile Deflection, Soul Fire, Healing Flames


Your title here…. Race: Human

Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 235 lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Age: 22


In his youth, worked in the stables of a hedge noble, in the grand tradition he was rich in knightly virture, but money poor. Was allowed to join the lord’s sons at arms practice, provided it didn’t interfrere with his work. Shaddak became, if not a friend of the VanWyke sons, at least a fixture on the training grounds. Eventually they came to treat Shaddak as sort of a wildly inept, younger brother.

Shaddak worked his way into the castle guard, and from there became an Oathman, he became a fair tracker and a reasonable campaigner with the help of the VanWyke heirs. His only standout qualities was his loyalty and total lack of fear. All looked well for Shaddak in his new role as Oathman, he had earned the respect of the other riders, the favor of the house VanWyke, and had even caught the eye of a local inkeeper’s daughter. In point of fact this woman was the root of the problem tha sent Shaddak away from his place of honor. A rich merchant, Othar Bentnose, also took an interest in the girl. One day while Shaddak was visiting the inn a well dressed messenger got a little out of hand with a serving girl, which of course lead to a fight. Shaddak promptly tossed all involved out the door, with the odd extra boot print or concussion. Unfortunantly the messenger had not had time to deliver Othar’s proposal before being tossed out on his ear. The merchant held Shaddak responsible for her refusal to marry and took it upon himself to bring down “the pesant who had risen above his station.” Lost his place in the band due the intrigues of Othar and his economic leverage. Shaddak was accused of plotting treason against the VanWykes, however lord VanWyke, in light of the lack of evidence and the seriousness of the charge, banished Shaddak rather than hanging him.


Shaddak the Merciless

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