Trevanye Du Morgan

Fighter, Blademaster of the Five Towers


Combat Stats:

Stats Modifiers, etc
OCV: 7 +1 w/All Combat, +3 w/HTH (Blades Only), +2 vs Hit Loc. w/HTH
DCV: 7 Defense Manuever: 1-4
SPD: 4 Mounted Combat: +2 vs Modifiers
Phases: 12, 3, 6, 9 Rapid Attack (HTH)
END: 36
STUN: 33 WF: Common Melee, Common Missile, Off Hand
REC: 8 Martial Maneuvers: Block/Parry, Lightning Cut, Riposte, Shadow Step
Trip, Weapon Bind, Quick Shot
Weapon Element: Blades, Bows, Off-Hand, Two-Handed Weapons
Str: 15 Boostable to 20
Dex: 17 21 w/Elven bonus
Con: 18
Bod: 13

Specials: Mage Sight, UV Vision, Soul Fire

Unique Powers:

Blademaster’s Amazing Vitality – regeneration from wounds caused by edged weapons
Blademaster’s Deadly Strike – +1d6 Damage with edged weapons
Blademaster’s Web of Steel – +3 DCV vs melee or Missile Deflection or Magic Deflection
Elven Travel – Granted Power – +1" Bonus; Mounted Megascale travel 1"=10 km.


Race: Half Elven

Height: 6’ 3" Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: Gray/Silver Hair: Midnight Black with Silver highlights, worn long


A tragic house fire took the life of his entire family when Trevayne was only 10. (Trevayne does not know the fire was deliberate, set by those who hated half-elves). Much to everyone’s surprise, Trevayne somehow managed to escape before being burned to death, bringing his father’s war sword with him. A Blademaster was passing through the town and spotted the distinctive blade being worn on the back of the young boy and brought Trevayne with him to home of the Blademasters, the Five Towers. He was taken in and cared for because his father had sworn the Blademaster Oath. He stayed, learning the secrets to the unique sword combat style and trainng of the Blademasters. Once he was ready, he left the Five Towers to become a great swordsman and fullfill his Oath. Until he was exposed to wild magic which changed him and awoke his elven heritage, Trevayne did not know he was actually half-elven.


Trevayne is a fairly handsome man with long black hair and unusual gray-sliver eyes, slightly tilted up at the outside corners. He stands a little over six feet tall with wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. He is muscular and well built, but thin for his size. Favors neutral colors and dark, rich earth/sky colors, dark greys, browns, blues, and blacks. High cheekbones dominate a narrow, oval face with firm, slightly pointed jaw and an aquiline nose. Thick dark eyebrows with a pronounced arch give Trevayne an exotic look. He has long hair is worn in a thick warrior’s braid with two wind braids hanging down in front of his ears, which are slightly pointed. He normally has a well trimmed mustache and gotee.

Trevanye Du Morgan

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